How to be a Security Analyst | SOSECURE

How to be a Security Analyst | SOSECURE


  • Junior Security Analyst
  • Senior Security Analyst
  • ผู้สนใจเท่าไป


3 วัน (24 ชม.)

Basic Network and System Infrastructure

  • Basic Networking
  • Basic Operating System
  • Basic Virtualization
  • Understand Network and Security Devices
  • Design Log Architecture for Good Detection

Cybersecurity Threats

  • Network Scanning
  • Bruteforce and Password Cracking
  • Exploitation and Buffer Overflow
  • Web Application Threat
  • Malware Threat
  • Denial of Service Attack
  • Network Sniffing
  • Insider Threat
  • Understand IOC (Indicator of Compromise)

Overview SOC (Security Operation Center)

  • What is SOC?
  • Type of SOC
  • SOC Service Catalog
  • SOC Roles and Responsibility
  • SOC Architecture
  • Type of Incident and Incident Severity

Incident Management Process

  • SOC Processes and Sub-Processes
  • SOC Documentation

Security Analyst Skills and Certification

  • Technical Skill sets
  • Soft Skill
  • Useful Security Analyst Certification
  • Good Knowledge for Security Analyst

Intrusion Analysis & Incident Handling Techniques

  • Log Analysis Tools
    • Workshop: Log Analysis to Cyber Security
  • Network Traffic Analysis Tools
    • Workshop: Network Analysis to Cyber Security Threats
  • Analyze and Drilldown Threats
  • Case Study and Workshop: Analyze Cyber Security Threat
  • Incident Handling Step

Use Case Development

  • What is Use Case?
  • Use Case Development Methodology
  • Use Case’s Criteria
  • Data Feed Determination
  • Use Case’s Condition
  • How to Apply Use Case to SIEM


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CEO / Founder SOSECURE co.,ltd
CISSP ,SANS GCIH and GCFA ,SSCP ,CEHv8 ,ECSA ,Pentest+ ,Security+ ,MCT


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